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Boringstar focuses on products and services that are inherently boring.  Whether it be where you sleep, what you eat, or how you dress, we likely have a boring product that will keep you uninteresting. 

We are particularly proud of our newest product line of spectator activity packages including:

Watching Paint Dry Kit (includes)

  • 10 oz gray latex enamel paint
  • 6 pieces of 8X8 inch cardboard
  • 1 three inch horse-hair bristle brush

Watching Grass Grow Kit (includes)

  • 16 oz low-nutrient soil
  • 1.5 oz Kentucky Blue Grass hybrid grass seed
  • 1 22 oz low-profile clay pot

Boringstar also manufactures or holds controlling interest in the following brands:

  • Swansin Foods
  • Dockors Clothing
  • O'sellivan Furniture Systems
  • Dr. Schalls Foot Products
  • Many others

We also provide consulting services to firms in boring industries through our BoringPoint subsidiary:

  • Sheep Ranching
  • Chambers of Commerce (primarily small midwestern towns)
  • Certified Public Accounting