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Boringstar was founded in 1996 by Ira Markowitz in New Rochelle, New York.  Coming from a conservative background, Ira was uncomfortable with all the hoopla surrounding the "Dot Com" field and sought to make his fortune in a more boring fashion. 

Ira started small, with a wheel bearing company in eastern Pennsylvania.  As the company grew (at a steady pace, we might add), Ira found he had extra money.  Not wanting to do anything fanciful with it, he invested it in a garment factory.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ira stumbled into a fashion craze, sales took off, and Ira sold the company immediately.

The year was 1998,and Ira set his sights on something really big and boring; the foot care business.  Joining forces with some of his boring friends in the computer industry, they pooled their resources and bought out a large insole manufacturing and corn removal firm.  They moved their headquarters to the quiet community of Park Ridge, New Jersey and bought fuel efficient cars.

As time went on, Boringstar invested in additional boring industries: microwave dinners, office furniture, and eventually they even got back into the clothing industry.  Other companies, envious of Boringstar's bland successes clamored for advice, and the BoringPoint consulting  subsidiary was created in February 2001.

Boringstar still has the same board of directors it had back in 1998 and still operates from those same Park Ridge offices.  The firm has produced a steady 2% return on investment for the past five years and anticipates smooth sailing for the next 20.

Note: Boringstar is not in any way related to Boring Business Systems